1. elfprincen:

      wrt tht post abt what psychosis rlly means as opposed to ‘evil person’, HALLUCINATIONS ARE NOT THE ONLY SYMPTOM OF PSYCHOSIS!!!! there are lot more!!!!

      psychotic symptoms are split into two main groups, positive and negative symptoms.

      positive symptoms = hallucinations and…

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    2. I think the issue with the myers briggs thing is I get a different answer every time depending on my mood when I take it

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    5. I got taller apparently. Oh yes

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    7. No offense but I’m gay

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    9. Uhj I feel Sick. Why

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    11. macpros:

      don’t make fun of people for being gullible. do not.

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    13. cartmanhater HELLO! WHAT THE FUCK

    14. I have tanlines on my wrists from having my hands in my pockets all the time this is literally fucked

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    16. I have. Arrived 👏

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